The Services We Offer at Auckland Automatics

  • We carry out free diagnosis of all automatic transmissions problems by both road testing the vehicle and using electronic scanning equipment.
  • Transmission servicing and flushing
  • In vehicle repairs where possible including electronic controls.
  • Removal and overhaul of transmissions to manufacturers specifications including reconditioning of torque converters.
  • Service and repair of transfer case assemblies in 4WD vehicles

Other services we offer…

  • Manual Gearbox overhauls and clutch replacement
  • Minor mechanical repairs and servicing
  • Diff Repairs and servicing

Free Diagnosis

Diagnosis of transmission faults, particularly of more modern transmissions that are computer controlled, require the sound knowledge of electronic control principles as well as specialized communication equipment. Our knowledge from having been transmission repairers for over 50 years has allowed us to develop protocols and systems to embrace automotive computerization from its inception right to through to current vehicles. These principles work hand in hand with a sound knowledge of the hydraulic transmission system.

Transmission Servicing

It is very important to service your transmission. This is the cheapest form of maintenance on a transmission modern or vintage.
Servicing your transmission keeps the oil clean and free from contaminants. As the oil ages it no longer lubricates, cools or protects critical parts.

Service and Repair

We pride ourselves on making our customers our number 1 priority and always endeavor to provide accurate assessment of time and cost of repairs. Keeping you informed is essential to insuring a smooth transition through any repair process.

Removal and Overhaul

Having ascertained your transmission needs to be overhauled. The procedure is to remove your transmission from the vehicle, strip and thoroughly clean and inspect all components. After this is done we are able to give you an accurate assessment of work required. Once we have the authority to carry out the work required. We then overhaul your transmission back to factory specifications using only OE or OE quality parts.