Transmission servicing helps keep your vehicle running smoothly on the road from Mt Eden to Mt Roskill and everywhere in between.

It is very important to service your transmission. This is the cheapest form of maintenance on a transmission modern or vintage.

As the fluid in your transmission system gets older it no longer lubricates the system properly. This can lead to more wear and tear on your transmission which eventually will lead to the need for transmission repairs.

Auckland Automatics can carry out regular servicing as recommended by the manufacturer. Servicing may include flushing your transmission system. If this is necessary we will drain the old fluid and then replace it with new fluid. We don’t use machines to flush the system as this does not clean the filters or remove debris from inside the system. Instead, our servicing is carried out by our team of specialist transmission mechanics. We’ll also carry out any other work needed such as replacing filters or gaskets.

If we discover any issues during the service, we’ll talk to you about cost-effective transmission repairs that can be carried out at our workshop or even a complete gearbox rebuild.

From Mt Roskill to Mt Eden, Hillsborough, Epsom and Mission Bay, if your transmission needs work, Auckland Automatics is the mechanic to call. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.