A common question we get asked by our customers is about flushing the transmission. Most ask when they are getting the transmission serviced and want to know what it entails. “Do we use a machine to flush the transmission?”. We at Auckland Automatics do not use flushing machines as they do not clean the filter or remove any debris from inside the transmission. If your vehicle has a pan that can be removed to replace the filter, we remove this pan and replace the filter and fit a new gasket to the pan. If the transmission fluid is showing signs of age. E.g. badly oxidized and brown in colour or is the original fluid from when the car was built. We will recommend a flush. There are two methods of flushing your transmission. One process starts with draining as much old fluid as we can, then replacing it with new fluid. This process may be repeated until the fluid looks clean and a bright red colour. Only after this process we will continue with the transmission service. The second method starts the same way as the first process, by draining as much of the old fluid as we can. The main difference is we remove the transmission cooling lines and start the car. This allows the pump inside the transmission to push the old fluid out while we replace the fluid at the same time. We will continue to flush in this manner until the old fluid is starting to become lighter in colour. We endeavour to keep cost to a minimum so we don’t charge for any extra time just the fluid used.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.